Both musically and romantically, Jim started out on his own. He had been making songs for a while before he decided one day that a few of these songs had some things in common. They all came from the same place in his head/heart/whatever.
And after a little musing on the band's name, the songs The Stone Forest, White Sun, Eyes and Mechanism became the first Spiderworld songs.

A year later, he met Laura and fell in love with her. She also fell in love with him. It didn't take long before they wrote songs about each other.
And eventually, it just made sense that they should be Spiderworld together.

Jim Reijers
voice, programming, acoustic guitar, bass, piano, drums, percussion, words

Laura Reijers-Martín
voice, programming, piano, words

Other projects:

Laura Martín - Laura is Laura
The Armies - Jim is dirty misshapen guitars
Mutagenesis - Jim is electronic