3 November 2008

So people liked the first album, loved the unreleased tracks, and so far ignored last month's EP.
I'd love for Spiderworld to pay off in some financial form or other. Maybe let the tracks be downloaded off the website for a tiny PayPal fee or something like that. It's not like we have to get stonking rich off it, but appreciation always comes across best in silver. Or people telling you your music saved their life, for example.

This is a little guideline for us to follow when working towards the greatest Spiderworld album possible.

Album title: The Fields

Slow Down Your Shimmer
The Closest I've Ever Been
Going Home
Gone Things
Never Sleep
Never Let Me Go
Blow Away
New Waves
Space Capsule
The Great Yellow Boat Arrives At The Purple Sun

Sure-fire hits only. Perfection. No filler.
And I want to keep the broody Spiderworld atmosphere intact while injecting lots more rock adrenaline into it. After all, I think that's the main thing that gets most people coming back to their favourite albums. Not experimental noodling, but a sound that immediately grabs you by the heart.

Experimentation in the studio only.

24 October 2008

Remix of Rain in the downloads section!

13 October 2008

Going Home EP

Well, it's been about 3 years since we spat out our first album, so it's time for something to keep the hungry masses busy again.
Most of these seven tracks were originally meant to be on the second album, but we wouldn't really want The Fields to consist of five-year old songs while we have developed so much since those were written. And we were just itching to send out some signal that Spiderworld is still breathing.
Here's the tracklisting, with the year in which each song was written, just for the record.

1. Going Home (2004)
2. Gone Things (2006)
3. Hay and Fever (2007)
4. Never Sleep (2007)
5. Summer Leaves (2007)
6. We Can't Stay Here (2004)
7. Lazy (2004)