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16 September 2011 21:30
Name: Alectis Sepulchral (

hey dude hope you''re ok. i was wondering if you by any chance still have some of the Club Decease material you had back in the day.

Please if you do, reply me with an e-mail or something!

1 August 2011 08:36
Name: Daan (

Je staat op de 3voor12 luisterpaal, hollandsnieuwe nr.21, dat voor een nummer van drie jaar oud :)

onlmm is niet echt een woord en tikte ''m fout ook nog :(

9 November 2010 16:36
Name: voskat (

Ik ben geen Jellyfish en ik ken geen Ana Paula. Raar.

13 January 2010 02:26
Name: Ana Paula (


Het is mij duidelijk dat jij bijna alle nieuws haalt uit de link werkt wel maar het bericht staat niet meer op de voorpagina. En ja het is een probleem dat zich vaker herhaalt, maar daarom is het wel nieuws.
Weer iemand die altijd alleen maar commentaar levert en er zelf weinig van bakt om nieuws te vergaren.
Ana Paula

21 February 2009 10:37
Name: Miriam (

Hi dont know if you ''ll remember me. Iv started a company called Magik Catz Designz now which ll sell anything cat and animal related using my artwork on anything from t shirts to business cards. Please check us out or let ppl know we re there.. Thank you!! All the best..from Miriam

21 July 2008 18:58
Name: Claire (

Hey there,
I just wanted to say that years later, I still love your stuff. But I was looking for an album that would have the complete version of this demo you had up a few years ago, and it seems like you took it off your discography completely. I was just wondering what happened to it -- It was called "Skylovers", I believe.

6 May 2008 09:20
Name: voskat (

Testing the spam check again.

14 December 2007 07:21
Name: Voskat (

Testing the spam check...

4 December 2007 07:50
Name: Jim (

I'm going to add Captcha to this guestbook soon... about time too!

5 September 2007 08:02
Name: Daan (

Finaly married, it makes a nice balance, congrats! (real man have beards!)

4 August 2007 10:07
Name: Laura (

oi primo! :)

do tell us how it's gonna be, once you know yourself, that is. ;)

Jim has exams to do this month and then we're gonna be off on our honeymoon, but we'll see, maybe we're still around by the 22??


- Laura

4 August 2007 03:57
Name: mcaks (

te encontre, muahahahahaha.
here, in leon, everything it's ok
the 22 of september i'm gonna go to amsterdam, then we're gonna go whit a rent car to germany. i'll tell u more things when i know better what the fuck i'm gonna do.
see u family

31 May 2007 15:35
Name: tonny(kitno) (

Gave muziek Jim & band. Ik hou wel van de alternative/rock kant van de sounds. Ga vooral door met muziek maken.Is jullie band live net zo fantastic als Muse... Dan wil ik zeker een optreden meemaken.
greetz tonny

22 March 2007 08:59
Name: Jim (

We've almost got the track order right.
It all sounds great so far.

11 October 2006 01:49
Name: K. Kloosterman (
E-mail: netherlands@gbob.con

Beste Muzikanten,

Op 19 en 20 oktober 2006 vinden de voorrondes van The Global Battle of the Bands plaats voor Nederland en België. Deze zullen gehouden worden in de Melkweg te A’dam. Na de voorrondes zal op 21 oktober de finale plaats vinden, ook in de Melkweg. De winnaar hiervan zal doorgaan naar de wereldfinale in Londen. Hier zullen ze, samen met 35 andere landen, strijden voor de beste band ter wereld. De hoofdprijs bedraagd hier $ 100.000,- en een wereld tournee.
Je kunt je nog inschrijven, er zijn nog een paar plekjes vrij. Doe dit wel zo snel mogelijk.
Voor meer informatie en inschrijvingen, kijk op


Kris Kloosterman

8 October 2006 14:35
Name: Voskat (

Buigen, Ali!

19 September 2006 12:38
Name: ALI K (

vuile mongool, mij nog een keer n ban geve op voetbalzone kom'kj e slope

19 September 2006 12:38
Name: ALI K (


13 September 2006 02:50
Name: Miriam (

Hey sorry to be a pain in the ass but when is the Fields out? And why are you guys changing your name? Please dont change your sound :-( you sound great as u r

4 September 2006 18:09
Name: Voskat (

Fire walk with me.

15 May 2006 04:45
Name: whale (

hey, i'm whalehood on the comatorium, how can i possibly get my hands on a copy The Fields?

24 April 2006 13:23
Name: ONI (

lindos temas
estare visitandolos seguido

28 March 2006 19:12
Name: Luke Graff (

Thanks for the support, its well appreciated
peace, Luke Graff, Chasing Kantour

8 November 2005 09:45
Name: DemolitionColorScheme (-)

Keep it up.
Love the stuff, really.
But already told you!

if you need help; Just ask.

20 October 2005 21:18
Name: seraphim (-)
E-mail: melancholy101@hotmail.som
Website: none

hey voskat!! it's me...(beth from the TBM board) i just wanted to say, again. i love what you and your wife/girlfriend (im not sure) do. it's beautiful. keep doing it...and to be extra lame, i find your music thanks for making great stuff.

8 September 2005 15:23
Name: Carmen (-)

ik kon geen bericht op je lj achterlaten... maar ik wilde toch even laten weten dat ik je vandaag 'herkend' had in de bus, bij de halte ina-boudier bakkerlaan.
je had een I <3 daspop shirt aan en een grote koptelefoon op, en ik staarde waarschijnlijk een beetje, sorry daarvoor.

oke, dit is nutteloos.
ik zou het ook leuk gevonden hebben als iemand me zou herkennen van lj en het zou laten weten (in het echt was ik toch te verlegen daarvoor)


31 May 2005 10:13
Name: jr (-)

cool music

27 May 2005 08:24
Name: Maarten (-)

i think an elephant stepped onto it as the cdcase was wrecked but it finally arrived today! and maybe it's better this way as it seems to match very well with the hot weather. like it lots! the dreaminess and the beats especially. and the mysterious whispering :o
my faves right now are track 4, 5 and 7

11 April 2005 18:17
Name: Tommy Mood Enchanter (-)

Mr V, disappointed in not getting the album yet... Terrible! e-spank

5 April 2005 14:52
Name: le noir en rose (-)

thanks voskat! i love it

2 April 2005 09:35
Name: mizzy (-)

You are awesome musicians!! Keep it up!!!

25 February 2005 18:18
Name: Chris (-)

Hey Jim! Thanks for doing the interview with Ckvance its going on the site tonight.

4 February 2005 17:45
Name: Kaitlynn (-)

Spiderworld kicks arse! In a nutshell, your music opened new doors for me as far as musical tastes go. I've been exposed to a lot more musical styles/genres, and that's really cool since music is a big part of my life. So thanks, and keep making music!

I really wish I could have gotten one of those CDs over XMAS. x.x Curse my procrastination!

20 January 2005 12:19
Name: Tommy Mood Enchanter (-)

Where's ma CD? Anticipation sir! Ohhhhh the anticipation.

9 December 2004 12:44
Name: TekNoir (-)

Hey Jim and Laura,

just a short note to let you know we received
the Spiderworld cd and i am listening to it
right now. i must say it is a elegant surprise.

more, later on in a cd review!

will mail you about that,

take care!

22 November 2004 20:58
Name: Jeice (-)

Hi Voskat! I hope you're having fun over there!
Tell Laura I said hi for me!

I'm going to totally get me one of those X-Mas CD's.


21 November 2004 14:40
Name: qg/\!q(flip it) (-)

When the spider takes over the world
Laura and you must do a west coast tour for us
silly americans....