Sleeping Seagulls EP

01 Pumpkin Song
02 Chronic Euphoriaaaa
03 Never Let Me Go
04 The Great Yellow Boat Arrives At The Purple Sun
05 The Dead (excerpt)
06 Some Horizon Behind You
07 Trapezium Of Orion Burning In Summer

Release date: 1 July 2009
Label: Fleurs Arctiques

Going Home EP

01 Going Home
02 Gone Things
03 Hay and Fever
04 Never Sleep
05 Summer Leaves
06 We Can't Stay Here
07 Lazy

Release date: 13 October 2008
Label: Fleurs Arctiques

Four Of Us On June Lake

01 The Spring Year
02 Her Name Is
03 Disintegrating Girl
04 Feathers
05 Wrongway Train
06 Morning Blue
07 Safe From God
08 Hide And Seek
09 The Stone Forest
10 Mask Rose Knife
11 Nineve Ehtona
12 Mechanism
13 Rain
14 Where Do Birds Die
15 Sinking
16 ...
17 Twinkle

Release date: 15 November 2005
Label: Fleurs Arctiques


- Gone Things

Gone things passing over
Like birds with northern mothers

If I ran and told the world to stop for just a couple hours
Would they stay with us for the sake of love or for the love of power

Or is it just too late

Stand still in the cold
Never thought we'd be sold

- Her Name Is

I am the doorway to the backyard
Kitchen steam on the window
I carry the unbreakable daylight entrapped

Traced with body heat
Liquid halts running down
I see you brown but you reflect gold
Because the sun is breathing in you

Her name is Marie
She runs like her niece
Blue what she sees
Through all anxieties

Heads on batteries
Faster than the clouds
When the horizon opens up for her

Her name is written on the backside
Of all the notebooks that I still have
She's the reason the sun shines in
Through my window

- Disintegrating Girl

Skin unravels like ribbon
Flesh given way to shadow
Faster than a touch or a caress

- Wrongway Train

Walking backwards along the side of the track
Evading memories like cracks in the sand
Every wire fragile, stretched out from you
All this leads nowhere

You're on a wrongway train

Evading memories
Evading memories
Evading memories

- Feathers

Burn myself on your lips
Your arms weigh me down
Close my eyes for longing
We find our way around

Guide me to the feathers and the silk sheets of your dreams
Lazy circles stroking rhythms on your back

Close my eyes for longing
We find our way around
Lazy circles stroking rhythms on your back

Your legs clung to my heart
Forgetting to take breath
As I feel you close down on me

- Hide And Seek

We both dreamed
Of brighter things above
The guiding light
We always knew so well
Shining in
The memory of our eyes
Dared not think
But we knew it all along

Hide and seek
Are you looking at me?
I don't know

Hide and seek
Are you looking for me?
I don't know

Turned it on
And I saw more of you
Words like silk
Scattered around your room
Beds and dolls and sheets
Like music in our mouth
On we play
Our everlasting yesterday

- Nineve Ehtona

The cold wills me outside
Bells bind me by hand and feet
Instead of everything, I spend another evening with you

Slow and falling, unwilling stars collide
One moment, the second you step outside
When everything falls into place
When everything falls away

Hello sunshine, hello rain
Hello fever, hello pain
It's time to rise with the light

I didn't wake up before
I never wake up before

- Rain

Shimmers of morning
Sail over the skyline
Raining dew over you
Like tears of silver

Gold water runs down
A bittersweet river
I stand by your side
And share the rain with you

- Sinking

Let go, sweet heart

This falling is floating
This falling is sinking

Let go, sweet heart

This fall is an embrace
This fall is love

- Cutting Chamber

The ropes fall down from the attic
Inviting the passer-by up
Through a thin crack in the roof
Irresistible to the open eye

There is always room for one more
In the cutting chamber

- Raining Sun

(Oh raining sun so much
Becoming far too hot)

Sunny sunny walking on a life band story
Let it all burn a hole in every morning
I drown a little more with every breath I take
Four of us gathered all around June Lake

Time becomes an end and a tied up symbol
Do you know what happens when it breaks and stumbles
That's why I'm so afraid of letting go
I'd never wait for it until it turns so

We are a hundred explosions
Flickering in strawberry night skies
The last of everything that held you down

Now it's time for both of us to get some rest
Counting all the butterflies inside your chest
Oh let me fall asleep and I will wait on you there
We'll be like stars patient, floating and everywhere