Here's what people have had to say about Mutagenesis in the past few years.
Some of them have changed their mind by now, so don't be put off by any negative comments. After all, why would I want to make shit music?

In the meantime, make up your own mind and drop your thoughts in the guestbook.
Maybe I'll put them up here!!!

lol u make totally psycho music for totally mental dead ppl lol sorry, but thats not my style...
- Mazl

hey i downloaded some of your demo tracks and well, you rock!!! now i'm even more sad for not having won the circling EP dammit.
- Cissy

this song is so much fun
it makes me wanna jog

- Tracy

You've been tricking me - thanks again
- Vanessa

Hate to admit it, but thats really good! >.<
- Simon