Ballet Song
"This is what I call a faux pas" - I moan,
lost in these woods,
fixing my ballet shoes.
Each horizon chases the next one:
its so neverending
- neverending

My tutu annoyingly hooked
on the frost-covered brambles


I start t-tearing it down to pieces
and then wander;
My toe-tips are so cold they've gone numb

I salute deadly leaves
on their final riot
before they crack smothered
against my own.

This is what I call a neverending
realm of consciousness
far from the hearth,
in the rain,
in the rain,
in the rain...
You gotta go,
it was green as coal!

And I wonder,
could I get there on time..?

(c) Laura Martín
music and lyrics by Laura Martí­n

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