On A Balcony
Hello, girl that sits like a feather on my every thought
But that's now sitting here with me instead

How come we never think to look down,
And we never think of falling,
And we never think of height?
(Except that which stretches calm and blue
Upward over the trees)

Maybe because our balance seems so perfect
Even without gripping the warm metal
That we are perched on like birds

We let go, drunkenly filled with one another,
We fall into the blue
And everything out there is waiting for us

Everything is true, everything exists,
And the Earth is just a little dust under our feet

And we never even thought of falling
Because we never thought of looking down

(c) Laura Martín
music by Laura Martí­n
lyrics by Jim Reijers
quote credit to W.B. Yeats

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